Warrior Ritual G3 Goalie leg pad Junior

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Warrior Ritual G3 Goalie leg pad Junior
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The Warrior Ritual G3 Goalie Leg Pads have most of the same features found on the professional and senior versions, allowing young goaltenders to perform at the highest level possible.

- High quality microfiber G3 graphics
- Bindingless construction

- Post Wedge panel
* Outer flap for added leg protection
* Seals post and pad gap when crouching

- Flat face design
- Square/thin profile construction

- Square outer roll design
- double break outer roll
* Breaks above and below knee for maximum flex
* Also features a flexible boot

- Two-piece flat inside glide support for gapless ice contact and stability
- Ultra-thin profile

- Ritual G3 Pro knee pads
* New knee pads replace traditional thigh guard

- Knee drive system
* Large and firm landing block
* Open to allow knee to freely transition to and from butterfly position
* a firm, open and un-restrictive construction of the internal knee area of the leg pad creates a smooth interface between leg pad and knee pad
* unrestricted rotation from standing to butterfly transitions
* unprecedented pad stability in butterfly overlap and butterfly characteristics

- Two-piece calf wrap design
* Inner Layer - Long foam wrap that contours to the leg
* Outer Layer- Long foam wrap that provides outer leg protection

- Heavy duty nylon with soft foams
* Comfort and impact absorption

- Flat boot
* Allows the leg pad boot to sit and move on top of your skate allowing for increased mobility and coverage

- Two elastic straps on calf
- Two elastic Active Response straps on boot
* Excellent pad rotation and simply adjustment
* elasticized toe and heel straps insert through skate cowling and attach with sturdy plastic clips
- theses clips are protected from impacts under the outer boot flap
* extremly fast attachment/detachment
* all the pad control and response of a tight strap setup
* all of the leg and skate mobility of a loose strap setup
- Sling strap
* One elastic strap on knee
* Heavily reinforced

- Ritual G3 knee pads are included

WEIGHT of a size XX” legpad:
- approximately XXX grams

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