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Blade Tape
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BladeTape is a revolutionary new patented replacement for your traditional cloth hockey tape.

Blade Tape utilizes a durable rubber surface material with simple peel 'n' stick technology and it easily applies to both the front and back faces of your hockey blade. It offers both improved feel and performance on the ice.

Many players of all ages and abilities state that BladeTape's unique patented formulation offers the following specific benefits:

shock absorber for those lively one piece sticks
better grip on the can now have a backhand too!
less friction resistance and drag on the ice for freer, easier stickhandling
no more frozen snow and ice build-up - BladeTape repels frozen water!
and it is lighter, faster and easier to apply than traditional hockey tape
Everything else in hockey has gone ''hi-tech'' recently....isn't it time for hockey tape to evolve with this movement too?

- Rubber Surface provides better grip on the puck and offers better feel in your hands
- Patented tractor grip face means means more spin on puck, and spin translates to accuracy on shots and passes
- Allows for faster stickhandling mation due to less ffriction on bottom surface of blade
- Super lightweight when compared to cloth hockey tape!! And bladetape repels frozen snow and ice build up. No waxing required
- More durable than cloth hockey tape. Saves time and money

- suitable for left and right sticks

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