Bauer Supreme 3S Shinguard Senior

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Bauer Supreme 3S Shinguard Senior
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The Bauer Supreme 3S Shin Guards icehockey Senior offers many advantages for players who skate only a few times a week or less often and are looking for quality protective equipment at a good price.

The 3S model has many similar features to the higher-end 3S, including anatomical construction for an improved overall fit. Bauer's anatomical construction and new ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap provide a deep and natural, body-hugging fit to promote performance with every movement.

Like the top-of-the-line 2021 Supreme shin guards, the 3S features Active Motion Protection. The anatomically shaped shin cap with AMP segmentation provides increased mobility and freedom of movement - a benefit every player will appreciate, regardless of skill level. The split cap design also allows for more mobility with every step.

To increase protection, Bauer has integrated some proven technologies into the 3S shin guards. In the knee wing and thigh protector, Bauer uses MD foam pads for good coverage and protection on the top of the shin guard. And for the calf protection, molded PE provides quality impact resistance against blocked shots and impacts.

The 3S shin guard has an anchor strap for the fastening system. This strap allows the shin guard to be secured to the leg so that the protective elements stay in place, an important feature for any player. The strap system also ensures a high level of comfort.

Any player, regardless of skill level, can upgrade to top-of-the-line equipment like Ultrasonic shin guards if they're looking for premium protection, comfort and mobility. But if you're a weekly player looking for a quality option at a lower price, the Supreme 3S shin guards are a great choice.

The interior of the Supreme 3S features a comfort lining and Thermo Max sub lining to keep the shin guards lightweight during play and prevent them from drying out between uses on the ice.

Anatomical construction for an improved fit
AMP technology for increased mobility
New ErgoDynamic Lab kneecap for a deeper fit
Anchoring straps for a snug fit
Thermo Max sub lining for dry comfort

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