Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick Senior 60"

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick Senior 60"
Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick Senior 60" (2) Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick Senior 60" (3)
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At 390 grams the Supreme Ultrasonic from Bauer,have the same weight as Vapor FlyLite. And itís been re-engineered for snapshots, not just slapshots. Weíre ensuring that every ounce of energy put into the stick will go to the puck, no matter what type of shot taken. The highlight feature is our Sonic Taper Technology, a seven-sided shaft that reduces weight and improves stability to create an energy transfer down through the stick for an even faster and more powerful release. There are even more highlights that make this our most elite Supreme stick ever. The Sonic Taper creates a faster transfer of energy to the blade. A full Advanced Carbon Layering construction reduces weight to 390 grams. Asymmetrical TeXtreme maximizes energy flow with every play. Duraflex resin adds durability and Monocomp Technology improves balance and puck control. Finally, we created FastCore, a new, lightweight blade core with two different foams fused together to improve puck feel and acceleration. The outer part is designed to reduce weight and the strike zone helps maximize energy into the shot.


Shot Technology
SONIC taper technology

Shaft Technology
Lightweight asymmetrical TeXtremeģ construction
ACL technology
Square shaft geometry
DuraFlex Resin system

Blade Technology
ACL technology
Fast Core

Monocomp technology

70 Flex - 60"
77 Flex - 60"
87 Flex - 60"

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