Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves

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Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves
Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves (2) Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves (3) Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves (4) Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves (5) Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge ski gloves (6)
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The Millet Long 3 in 1 Dryedge Gloves are the ultimate choice for all outdoor adventures. These gloves are multifunctional and can be worn in three different fits. The removable fleece liners provide a first layer of warmth and can be worn alone in mild temperatures. When the temperatures start to drop and the wind picks up, you can put on the protective gloves and the Dryedge membrane to ensure warmth and protection from rain. The waterproof inserts will keep your hands dry at all times.

Not only are these gloves comfortable and practical, but they also provide a good grip on poles and protect your hands from the cold without hindering your progress. Whether you are hiking, climbing, or simply spending time outdoors, these gloves are the perfect companion for any adventure.

Millet textiles are the perfect blend of heritage and modernity. From the mountains to the urban jungle, Millet textiles are designed for a variety of applications. The brand is rich in its alpine heritage and offers high-quality products with cuts and materials that combine technology and comfort with a reduction in environmental impact.

Featuring style and high-tech features, Millet textiles are the perfect choice for those looking to reach new heights. These textiles, for example, are equipped with a waterproof insert to protect you from rain and also provide thermal insulation to keep you warm. The warm liner gloves with removable fleece are especially comfortable and provide extra warmth, while the cuff with Velcro closure ensures a custom fit.

Millet textiles are made of 100% goatskin leather and 100% polyester and are ideal for the autumn and winter seasons. They are suitable for many outdoor sports and are known for being comfortable and durable. Choose Millet textiles for your next adventure and benefit from quality, functionality, and style.

Sizes: 8 S, 8.5 M, 9 L

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