Bauer Vapor 1XR-17 Roller Hockey Skate Senior

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Bauer Vapor 1XR-17 Roller Hockey Skate Senior (2) Bauer Vapor 1XR-17 Roller Hockey Skate Senior (3) Bauer Vapor 1XR-17 Roller Hockey Skate Senior (4)
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The Bauer 1XR Skates feature pro-level stiffness, responsiveness and featherlight feel thanks to the 3-D lasted Curv™ composite quarter package. To further enhanced these properties and to help push the heatmolding capabilities to the next level, Bauer used Curv™ composite in the heel support instead of injected plastic like the APX2.

Internally, the liner debuts the new 37.5™ technology that uses a player's body heat to evaporate moisture, instead simply wicking it around. 37.5™ actually evaporates sweat five times quicker than traditional materials. The footbed has been totally renovated using ortho-resin technology that molds the footbed to the bottom of the foot for a true, custom fit. This thermoformable Speed Plate footbed delivers personalized foot support but it also eliminates negative space inside the boot while providing unparalleled stability and heel-lock.

To further lighten up the skate, the 1XR features more Curv™ composite in the Form Fit Lite tongue. It does still have traditional white felt with injected foams but instead of a plastic metatarsal guard like the APX2, Bauer used Curv™ composite. The lowers showcase more exclusive features like the Hi-Lo Kryptonium Aluminized Frame, the full composite outsole and the Revision Variant Plus wheels.
Quarter Package:
3D Lasted, Aluminized Curv™ Composite with thermoformed X-rib pattern
New Curv™ composite ankle support reduces the overall weight, increases stiffness and allows the boot to conform to a player's foot better than ever before (derived from the OD1N skate project)
Redesigned X-rib design (seen when looking at the rear of the boot) provides unparalleled responsiveness via stiffness and and support throughout the back of the boot (derived from the OD1N skate project)
Fully thermo-formable uppers for an unrivaled, personalized fit after the baking process
Injected Stability Lacing System
One-piece design makes it lighter and 33% easier to forward flex compared to a traditional eyelet system
4th and 5th eyelets from the top feature lace-locking eyelets that keep the skate laced tight throughout the entire game
Additional Abrasion Guards on both sides of the quarter package
Heel Support:
Curv™ composite anatomical heel support
Lightweight, memory foam Ankle Padding
37.5™ Polyester Liner with Total Edge Comfort patches
Durable material with integrated microparticles that utilize body heat to evaporate and release sweat. This translates into dryer feet during the game, a less water-logged and lighter skate at the end of the game that dries out much quicker than a traditional liner.
Total Edge Comfort alleviates high ankle abrasions
Internal Wear Patches
Prevent liner wear and from shin guards consistent usage and shin guard movements
Anaform Speed Plate with Ortho-resin Technology
The product of cutting edge research and design that enhances balance, improves energy transfer and increases overall agility
Fully thermoformable to precisely fit to the bottom of the foot and skate
Arch-area adapts to the player for personalized support
Heel cup forms for better heel-lock and stability
Marries up the outsole and "footbed" for a better energy transfer
Tongue Construction:
Form Fit Lite with Curv™ Composite
Hybrid-style with high-density injected foams for pro-level protection
Innovative tongue with a lightweight design that maintains a traditional fit and feel
Skate Laces:
Bauer Vapor Unwaxed Laces
Full Lightweight Composite outsole
Advanced level of responsiveness and decreases the overall weight
One-Piece Hi-Lo™ Kryptonium Aluminized Frame
Utilizes (2) 76mm in the front and (2) 80mm in the rear
Offers an aggressive angle of attack for agility while maintaining a low center of gravity
While maintaining an extra-light weight, it is extremely strong and durable
Bauer Square Flush Two-Piece 6mm Axles
Revision Variant Plus 74A (Soft) Wheels
USA-Made with top of the line RV 100 urethane formula for Pro-level indoor grip and speed
Hollow Torus Technology allows the side walls to flex in turns and stops for maximum grip while maintaining a featherlight feel
Ideal for tile or other indoor surfaces
Hi-Lo™ Swiss Lite 608 bearings
Weight of a Size 9D Skate:
1,150 grams

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